I went shopping yesterday and had an absolute riot! There were SO many great food storage deals that I could hardly contain myself and the smile on my face 😉 By the end of my shopping spree I had people following me to the check out aisle to see how much money I saved. Perhaps it was the 16 jars of ketchup that caught people’s eye, or the 14 jars of peanut butter. Either way, I had a great time and it was super exciting to save so much money! I figured on my purchase of $198 I saved atleast $130. I think it could have even been more, but I lost track after awhile 😉 Just to give you an idea of some of my savings, here are some of the deals that I stocked up on.

 Smucker’s Jam 18 oz. $1.50–regular price $3.28, saved $1.78. I bought 10 jars, so I saved $17.80.
 JIF Peanut Butter is on sale for $1.50, regularly priced at $2.78. That means I saved $1.28 per jar and I bought 14 jars which saved me $17.92.

There are AWESOME cereal sales at Smiths (& Kroger) stores this week. General Mills Cereals up to 22 oz. are on sale for $2.00. At Walmart they were $4 per box, which saved $2. I bought 9 boxes which saved another $18.

Just on the cereal, peanut butter and jam, I saved nearly $60. Isn’t that fun?!?! That’s not even counting my ketchup which I saved .60 per jar. At .68 a bottle I couldn’t help but buy a whole bunch. LOVE IT!!

This is a great week to do some stock piling and stocking up on items your family uses throughout the year. There are great deals in every area, so LOGIN to our website and find out where the best deals are nearest you! Happy shopping 😉