Are you ready to shop?!? Yes, you guessed it, it is case lot time again here in Utah (and in many other states…NV, MT, ID, WY, etc.). There are hundreds of deals you should be stocking up on and adding to your pantry and food storage. Yesterday I entered a shopping marathon…and I think I won 😉 Between getting all of the case lot items I needed I also went to Walmart and price matched all of my ‘regular’ meal planning groceries. Although I came home exhausted, it felt so great to stock up on items I needed and to have food in our house again. With all of my painting projects I had neglected filling my fridge for awhile and it is great to have a full fridge and some fresh produce again.

No matter where you are living there are three items you MUST stock up on this week which seems to be on sale everywhere. It is almost fall which means, bring on the baking season! What do you need when you bake a lot?? Sugar, sugar and more sugar. Well, it’s your lucky day! Here in Utah powdered sugar, brown sugar and granulated sugar are on sale for GREAT-LOW prices. For those who live in Utah, run, don’t walk, to your local Macey’s grocery store and stock up on these sugars for only .88 for a 2 lb. bag. That is FABULOUS! If you use powdered sugar or brown sugar, now is the time to stock up and save throughout the rest of the year.

Login to our website where you can find out where all of the best deals are in your area: flour, sugar, canned tomatoes, canned beans, canned chilies, canned fruit, rice, pasta, pasta sauce, peanut butter, evaporated milk, tuna fish, cake mixes, chicken broth, crackers, cooking oil, toilet paper, paper towels, and MUCH more! Have so much fun shopping 😉