This weekend is one of my family’s favorites time of the year. It’s a weekend we get to relax as a family and watch on t.v. the leaders of our church share uplifting messages about God and the importance of families. We have a great time and each child gets to choose a meal or dessert that they want to make throughout the weekend. My daughter’s choice for breakfast was these amazing Stuffed French Crescent Toast. I definitely didn’t argue considering they take only a few minutes to throw together and the whole family loves them! It is layers of soft, moist crescents with a creamy filling and a cinnamon sugar topping. The whole combination is delightful! Now, I know this is not the healthiest of recipes, but on a special occasion I think it’s fun to throw caution to the wind and enjoy it 😉 I know your family will love them too. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Stuffed French Toast Crescent Bake
  1. 1/2 cup sugar
  2. 12 oz. cream cheese
  3. 2 eggs
  4. 1 tsp. vanilla
  5. 2 crescent dough packages
  6. 5 eggs
  7. 1/2 cup milk
  8. 1 tsp. vanilla
  9. Cinnamon/Sugar, to sprinkle on the top
  10. Berry compote or fresh fruit
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  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a mixing bowl, with an electric mixer, cream together the cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Add the eggs and vanilla and beat for another minute until smooth. In a 9x13 pan, place one package of the crescent dough flat in the bottom of the pan, stretching the dough pieces until all parts of the pan are covered. Spread the cream cheese filling all over the top of the dough. Place the second package of crescent dough over the top of the cream cheese layer. In the cream cheese bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk and vanilla. Pour the egg mixture over the top of the crescent bake. Sprinkle on the top of the casserole cinnamon and sugar. Keep uncovered and bake at 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes, or until the center is no longer wet and runny. Top the french toast with fresh berries, whipping cream or pie filling (like blueberry or apple).
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