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 We just got back yesterday from one of the most fun weeks of my life! My husband, sister and many of my best friends were able to spend the week with nearly 300 youth from our church. We went up to a lake near Idaho called Bear Lake and we had an absolute riot. We did everything from swimming in the lake, an amazing race game, a ropes course, hiked a cave, ate more food than we ever should have, went to a dance, played games and stayed up way too late chatting and having fun. I love the youth and being with them for a week gives me hope in the future of today. They are destined to do great things and I was so happy to be with all of them!

After a fun week, that meant my fridge was completely empty. I quickly logged into our website, printed off the grocery list for this week, glanced over some of the best deals and went on my way to Walmart to price match all of the best deals this week. I was thrilled when I came home (in less than an hour) and spent only $138 on all of the meat, produce, dairy, grains I needed for the next 10 days of meals. Lickety-split and I saved well over $70 while doing it! That’s nearly 50% off Walmart’s already low prices. If your fridge needs to be filled like mine did, LOGIN to our website to find out all of the best deals in your area!