Hi friends! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for being patient with our new website as we have been working to get it up and running. We know with change comes some frustration and we totally understand that! I am one who hates change and has a hard time adjusting to new ways of doing things. For those of you who have been with us since the beginning 7 years ago, you have been through many changes and we appreciate you sticking with us.

We truly want to make you happy. Our service wouldn’t exist without you, and we want to have our service meet all of your needs. We are loving the feedback we are receiving and it has helped us know which aspects of our new site to tweak and adjust. Please continue sending us your feedback so we can continue to help Deals to Meals be the best it can be.

We have received a lot of emails and questions since our launch and so we put together this Q&A to see if we could answer some of your questions. If you other questions you would like answered, feel free to leave them in the comment section of this post and we will get those answered asap. Thanks so much!

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I just signed up for the Deals to Meals 2 week trial this morning! I took the tour, but I’m having a hard time figuring out the way the program works. Specifically, how do I take the week’s menu that you provide and add all of it to a shopping list for the stores in my area? Do I have to build my list item by item from your weekly menu recipes? Or is there a way to just copy the whole thing over to a list? And if I can get that to work, will the shopping list then auto calculate what my spending total will be? 
I am really excited to try this system out this week! I don’t have time to coupon and have never been able to figure out all the ins and outs of doing it and making it worthwhile. So, I love the idea of what you’ve done with Deals to Meals. I just hope it works for us! 

Let’s begin by figuring out how exactly YOU want to use our service. There are basically three types of customers that use Deals to Meals. Once you decide which aspect of our service will most benefit you, follow the link to that ‘customer type’ and it will bring you to a step-by-step tutorial of how to use our service.
Customer 1: You want to use our service for the best deals AND our weekly meal planner and don’t want to adjust any of the recipes and cook exactly what we suggest for the week. Although this is the most time consuming method to learn, it will save you the most time in the long run. This method will cost a little more each month because you will be eating several homemade, real, meals. Sadly, the truth is you can feed your family on less if you are eating processed foods (we all know a frozen pizza will be cheaper than making a homemade meal). However, if you want delicious, homemade recipes for your family for a 10-14 day period, this is the method of using our service that will be best for you.
Customer 2: You want to use the weekly deals along with your own, personal meal planner. This means you take some of the suggested meals from our service and modify them to fit your families needs and likes for the week. This is probably the best option for most families. Not all families will want to eat every recipe that we suggest each week. All families have different likes, dislikes and budgets. Customizing your meal plan for the week and eliminating meals or recipes your family won’t eat will help save you the most money each month.
Customer 3: You are more interested in knowing what the best weekly deals are and are not wanting any help with your meal plan. Some people don’t have time to worry about a meal plan. They just want to know what is on sale and what items to buy at the grocery store. They like to cook their own, tried and true recipes and want to only worry about getting the most groceries for their money. This method is the simplest and will still save you $100’s each month. If you are just starting, you can always start by just using the grocery deals and then eventually branch into using the meal planner as well 😉
For each of these scenarios we have put together a step by step method of how our service will help you achieve your goals (follow the links). No matter which method you use, we know you will save $100’s of dollars and time. However, we know learning a new site takes a little vested time and interest. I promise, as you give our service  the time it takes to learn how it navigates, you will LOVE using our service. The benefits will be well worth the effort you put into learning how to use our site.
I miss the old Utah grocery list with itemized deals with each ingredients. Is that going to go away forever?
Yes, the grocery list is our largest complaint we are getting. We are trying to figure out a solution to help simplify the grocery list process. One of the issues is all of the staple items (that most of us normally already have in our pantry) are making our grocery list ultra long and cumbersome. We are working with our programmer to streamline the process. Until we come up with a better solution, our regular grocery list will be uploaded on our old site until we get it figured out 😉 old.dealstomeals.com
One of our other issues is Utah has been the only state we have ever done the itemized grocery list with correlating deals for. Now that we have members all over the U.S., it is hard to rationalize spending that much time on a portion of our site that only benefits a 50th of our members 😉 However, I am with you! I used to always just print that one sheet out and do my shopping and I loved how convenient it was. So, I feel your pain 😉 I promise I will be adamant about coming up with a more simple solution to help us make the process more simple. Thanks for your patience.
Any suggestions on making my grocery shopping list a little easier?

Yes! I have found over the years that most of my recipes involve many of the same ingredients (bell peppers, onions, cilantro, green onions, carrots, celery, chicken, ground beef, cheese, sour cream, milk, butter, grains, basic spices, fruit, frozen veggies, bread, etc.). I find if I go through the deals quickly (since they are all listed as the red/best deals first) I will just check the best deals of those items I know I normally need for my weekly meal plan. Then, I glance through the recipe ingredient list to see if there are any unusual ingredients I might not normally buy (sesame oil, rice vinegar, fresh ginger, fresh parsley, etc) and then I add those items to my grocery list. Once I have the deals I normally buy and have added some of the additional ingredient items, I find I have a thorough enough list to make all of the week’s meals that I normally would have. It does take a few minutes longer, but I have noticed I enjoy the feature of being able to delete some of the recipes I wasn’t planning on making (I don’t always make the side dish recipes, dessert recipes, etc.) and then add a couple extra recipes that sound good for the week. Being able to customize my meal plan has really been enjoyable for me. We are also working on being able to print the entire week’s meals on one page in case you are missing that as well.
Is price matching obnoxious for anyone else like me lately? They treat me like I’m a criminal and want me to show them the ad for every item I am trying to price match. What has happened? Do they have a new policy?
Yes, yes and yes! It’s annoying and YES, their policy has changed. This answer will take an entire post TOMORROW. Watch for that. I will be sharing 10 tips to help you continue to save money while price matching. Great question!

Are you going to make your new and “improved” website mobile friendly? You cannot navigate on a phone. It has you scrolling dozens of time to get to anything and is really awful.


Yes, we are working on that. Sorry! One thing at a time 😉 For now, you can go to our old website on your phone to help it be more user friendly old.dealstomeals.com.

Will you ever get an app?


I hope so. Sadly, apps range from $10k-$30k for a basic app. Because our information on our site changes every week and we are in 50 states, it’s a very in depth app which costs LOTS of money. Bottom line, we need more members to have that kind of expendable income. So…tell your friends and family about Deals to Meals and hopefully in the near future we will be able to get one put together 🙂 We, unlike all other online grocery companies don’t get kick-back money from advertisers, coupon companies, newspaper companies, etc. Ever penny we earn comes because of the work WE are doing and it’s a much slower, and lower income rate. However, it keeps things looking nice and clean and helps you save money without having to cut coupons 😉 Hopefully a win-win for all of us!


How do you sleep at night? You are running a scam! You say you can buy 30 meals for only $100 and then I look at your pile of groceries and I realize you DON’T have all of the ingredients you would need. You are probably just using all of the food you HOARD in your basement and not counting the cost of that. Maybe you should stop and think, What Would Jesus think of your scam before you try and have others join.
Unsubscribed and frustrated member 
Yes, this email was for real. And..I edited much of it to spare you from some more unkind words 😉 First off, let’s get one thing straight. I am not sure where they got the idea that I can make 30 meals for $100. If I claimed that (which I don’t remember), it would have included cereal and milk for breakfast and mac and cheese for lunch. I have never been one to claim my way of shopping is the most inexpensive method out there. If people want to eat really simple, processed meals, they will be able to eat for much less than we do. 
Generally my 10-14 day meal plan costs about $200-$225 for my family of 7. Yes, this is just the cost of the groceries I do not already have ‘hoarded’ in my basement. I suggest everyone keep a well stocked pantry and food storage so you don’t have to purchase items like flour, spices, baking items, grains, sugar, honey, lemon juice, vinegar, etc. on a weekly basis. If you were to have to purchase all of these items because your pantry is bare, then YES it would cost you more than the $200. I am not trying to trick anyone into how much groceries cost. I am the first one to admit that sticking to my budget of $700 for our family of 7 is HARD WORK! I have to be very mindful of every penny I spend and try and manage my budget to include stocking up my pantry as well as getting the items I need to feed my family. Deals to Meals is not for everyone. It is a method that takes a little time, because saving money and being financially responsible takes time. Of course it’s easier to shop for whatever items you want to put in your cart with no care of price. However, most of us live on a budget (or should) and are conscious of how much money we spend. For this reason, tools like Deals to Meals is created to help families save money. That is why we do NOT have contracts with our service. If you are not saving enough money, if you are not happy with our service, we guarantee your money back and let you cancel at ANY time. There are no strings attached. Either you love it, or you don’t and you cancel. Pretty simple, right? 🙂
And I am thankful EVERY day for Jesus and a loving Heavenly Father who has blessed me with the opportunity to own this company. Deals to Meals started at a time my husband lost his job and we know it is BECAUSE of Him that we exist and are successful. It has been a blessing to my family and hopefully many others. So..thankfully I sleep great at night and am thankful every day for each of you who help make my job worth every minute I put into it. Thanks for all of your support!! I can’t wait to hear from more of you in the future. 
*Here’s a link to some other Frequently Asked Questions.