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It’s that time again. Out grocery shopping I went yesterday. I had a cute lady leave me a message asking a question that I thought I would answer briefly today.

Barbi said, “Hello! I was wondering if you could do a blog post about how to make deals to meals work best for you/me. I log in and I look at the “best deals” for my preferred stores and there are a few, but then I see everything you have purchased for your family and I think “hmm I didn’t notice all that stuff on sale”. haha. Pretty much I would love it if you did a “a day in the life of Shandra and meal planning”. It sounds silly, but it seems that i do need my hand held while learning how to do this… Thank you!”
Barbi, great question! First off, you really don’t want a ‘day in the life of Shandra’. It’s really not the most glamorous thing ever. It’s a beautiful life for me, but the day to day isn’t always that pretty 😉 Laundry, dirty floors, you know how that goes. However, I am more than happy to share with you how I do my grocery shopping and meal planning. It really is very simple. I don’t do anything fancy other than what’s on our website. Here’s brief explanation of what I do. Hope this helps 😉

1-I login to Deals to Meals, I check out the weekly menu planner. Decide which of the recipes I want to make for that week. Some weeks I make all 7 main dish recipes and other times I use 3-4 of them and a few other recipes I want to ad. This is the great part, you can choose to use our recipes or use your own. It’s up to you!

Dynamic Deals, grocery deals, Deals to Meals, 2 week meal plan for $180, how to save on groceries, save on groceries, how Deals to Meals works

2-Once you’ve removed the recipes you know you won’t be making for the week, click on the ‘list’ looking button on the meal planner page to bring up the ingredient list that you will need for the week, so you can find the grocery deals that go along with those recipes.

3-Remove any ingredients you already have to home. We will be simplifying this step in the next week to remove all of the ‘staple’ items you should generally have on hand already. In the mean time, just deselect them to make your shopping list more condensed.

4-Click on the ingredient/item and add each grocery deal to your shopping list. If there isn’t a deal found for that item, just add it to the list and you can pick it up at Walmart or Costco.

5-If I have time, I like to always glance quickly through the deals from my selected stores to see if there are any great deals that might not have shown up on the menu planner ingredient list that I still might want. Things that I might need for lunches, cereal, etc. that I don’t want to miss a deal on. I add those few items to my shopping list and I’m just about done.

6-Print off my shopping list and head out to the store!

Shop at the store who has the deals you are wanting to take advantage of, or price match at Walmart as many deals as you can (taking into account their new price match policy). I generally buy most of my produce at Sprouts on Wednesdays (when its double ad Wednesday) and then finish up my shopping at Walmart so I can price match the rest. It seems to work great to get good produce at inexpensive prices and all of the boxed/frozen items I need at Walmart. Costco is also right next door so if I need a few things from there too, I’ll run in really quickly and try not to spend all of my money there!

My shopping and planning from start to finish takes about 2 hours. Seems like a long time, but when I’m only doing it every 2 weeks, it’s worth the investment of time to help save us the most money and make sure that my meals are all planned and ready to go. I’ve been doing this for years and years and it seems to work awesome.  Just a tip: I always take a friend with me because it helps the time pass quickly. Shopping is much more fun when you can chat and hang out with friends 😉

*TIP FOR BUSY WEEKS: Yes, we all have weeks where we don’t have time to look through all of the recipes and have the perfect meal plan. These are the times I ONLY go to the deal portion of the website, click on the items I know my family uses on a regular basis and head out shopping. I generally know by now what items I need to make our ‘usual’ type of recipes, so it’s easy to just glance through the deals and recognize what ingredients/items I will need for the week. This is a great option if you are running low on time and need to shop without a lot of planning. Deals to Meals can work for you, no matter what your schedule allows 😉 The most important thing is you are saving TIME and MONEY so you have time to do the things you really enjoy. Let me know if anyone is still confused. I am here to help! 🙂 Have a fabulous day.