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Yes, it’s that time again! Case lot time comes every fall and spring and so all of the case lot sales here in the Western United States are in full swing. Many stores such as Smiths, Maceys, Peterson’s, Reams, Harmons, Lins, Dans, Kohlers and MANY others are currently having their case lot deals this week. It’s a great time to stock up on many grocery items your family uses on a regular basis (sugar, flour, canned beans, canned vegetables, water bottles, tomato sauce, canned tomatoes, canned fruit, canned chili, canned pineapple, mayonnaise, cooking oil and MUCH, MUCH more! Literally hundreds of great deals this week, so login to our website to find all of the best deals in your area. Have fun shopping!

*If you are into stock piling and building up your food storage, here is a link to FREE downloads I created to help organize my food storage. Hopefully they will be of help to you too 😉