Hi friends! You spoke and we listened. Two of the features we lost with our new website design was the one page printable grocery list and the at-a-glance printable menu planner. We are super excited to let you know that both of these features are now BACK on our website to help make your life easier. Keep reading…

You can now print all of the weekly recipes, some of them or create your own printable menu planner for you to have on hand in your kitchen for you to enjoy! Or, you can just login to Deals to Meals and pull up this page to have all of the recipes you will be making for the week in one, simple place.

Also, our grocery list is back! For those of you not as interested in the weekly deals but you want to cook all of our recipes, this page is for you! It tells you all of the ingredients you will need for that particular week’s meal plan. The ingredients are all organized into categories which makes shopping easier for you. If you are interested in the weekly grocery deals as well, you can do a search for them on our website and add those deals to your shopping list–saving you both time and money!

Also, for our Utah members, your itemized grocery list is again available on our website. This one page, simple grocery list tells you where all of the best deals are for each ingredient in your week’s meal plan. If you are busy, this page will SAVE YOUR LIFE! It makes shopping and price matching SUPER simple. Just print off this one page and then go and price match all of the best deals for the ingredients you need for that week. This sheet however is only offered for out Utah memebers. I’m sorry to everyone else—we love you too, I promise! It’s just that Deals to Meals started here in Utah and we have the most members in our state, so we are offering a more detailed grocery list for these members. However, the same thing can be done on our website for everyone outside of Utah, it’s just not on one sheet.  Read this link to help you find out how to use the deals and the weekly meal planner together to save you the most money 😉