CONGRATULATIONS to Vickie Harris who is the winner of our Norwex Household Package! For those who didn’t win, make sure and check out all of the amazing Norwex products. These are a MUST Christmas item if you don’t have them in your home already. Head over to my friend’s Norwex site and do a little shopping and take advantage of their special this week: Spend $75 and get a FREE enviro travel rag or body cloth. Your money will be made back 10 times over on the cleaning supplies you won’t have to buy any longer. It’s a win-win! Have fun shopping.

ONE TRAVEL ENVIRO CLOTH: That little cloth has wiped off nasty restaurant tables, wiped down shopping cart handles, cleaned the inside of my car windshield and I’ve pulled Ketchup off my shirt from the drive-through.

ONE BODY CLOTH: The perfect thing to take off your make up at night with just water. It’s also the cloth to reach for when you can’t get to the shower (ex. like trek, girls camp, backpacking, 72 hour kits, or just in a rush). Also can help with acne and eczema. 

Now onto our third giveaway of the week. This is SO much fun! The other day I was browsing to find a few Christmas presents for some family members and found my way onto The Pampered Chef website. I LOVE their products! So many of their products I have had ever since I got married (yes, almost 17 years ago). I have been nothing but impressed with their quality and how long they have survived my crazy kitchen and daily use. It’s hard to believe I am still using the same four spatulas I bought at one of my first Pampered Chef parties. Talk about a well made product 😉 Have you used their spatulas before? I refuse to use any other brand of spatula. You wouldn’t think a spatula could be that amazing, but they really are! My kitchen would be a sad place without so many of their products. That is why, we are SUPER EXCITED to be sharing some of our favorite products with you–and giving away:

$100 of Pampered Chef Products to one lucky winner!
*Winner will be shipped the large rectangular bar pan, pizza cutter, cookbook, garlic press, measuring cup, measuring spoons and spatula scraper.

Have you used their garlic press before? Oh my! It will change your love for using fresh garlic in recipes. And their citrus press works better than any you’ve probably ever used. Oh, and the rectangular bar pan. My favorite pan!! If you want any foods to be crispy and golden, this is the pan to use.  I have had my rectangular bar pan for over 15 years and it is nearly jet black from being seasoned and well loved. Man, I could go on and on about all of my favorites, but I will spare you 😉 If you are needing some last minute Christmas Items, The Pampered Chef has more ideas than you’ll know what to do with. Just in case you aren’t sure what products to order, I want to share with you my top 10 favorite products. You can’t go wrong with any of these if you are wanting to give the gift of a fantastic Kitchen Tool.

My all time favorite spatula. It doesn’t stain, it is heat resistant, it will last (mine is currently over 10 years old), and scrapes the sides of the bowl without leaving a bit of food. It’s lovely!
This pan is heavy duty and awesome! It can crisp any type of food, has a nice rim that keeps food in and is perfect for baking or cooking any of your favorite foods that need a nice, crispy crust. It also works beautifully with breads. This is the pan I use for homemade pizzas, as well as bread sticks.

We eat a TON of pancakes and waffles in our home and this is my go-to batter bowl. I love the handle and the fact if we don’t use all the batter, I have a lid that I can keep it in the fridge until I use it again. This is also the perfect size for making a cake, a batch of cookies or any recipe you don’t want to get a large mixing bowl out for. The measurements on the side also make this super handy!
This microwave cooker is another favorite. I use this cooker anytime I want to steam vegetables, microwave soups, or keep leftovers in the fridge. It also works beautifully with melting chocolate. The thick plastic helps keep in the heat while not burning your chocolate. I use this several times a week, at least!

You will not be able to find a better garlic press. I have had mine again for over a decade and it works as well today as it did the first day I bought it. It presses the garlic so easily and smoothly and some how keeps all of the garlic skins inside the press. The cleaner also makes for easy clean up. If you cook with fresh garlic, you need this press!

Do you get tired of juicing citrus items by hand? This citrus press is super simple to use and gets more juice from your produce than you ever could by hand. Not to mention the clean up is super simple. You just rinse it out and you are done. I love this product!

Do you ever get tired of cleaning out messy measuring cups with sticky things like honey, shortening, peanut butter, etc.? This Measure All Cup makes measuring these items super slick. All you do is put it in the top and press it out. As it presses the ingredient out it cleans the sides clean, which makes this cup easy to wash. It is dishwasher safe and is the only cup I use for all of my ‘messy’ ingredients.
Do you want a spoon that will last forever and not stain or crack? These bamboo spatula sets are the only ones I use for browning meat, stirring large pots or serving salad with. They are totally versatile and the ones I always grab when I need a large utensil. 

This product is one of my favorites and the best part is it is super inexpensive. Don’t buy a spatula like this at a cheap store. You will have to replace them every year. This spatula is sturdy, yet small. It’s super thin end makes it easy to scrape cookies off a pan or brownies out of a dish. It gets every, little last bit and makes for easy transferring of food. 
I didn’t know about this handy kitchen tool until my friend bought me one a couple years ago. I never loved to ground beef in a pan because I would always have large pieces of meat that I couldn’t quite break up. This Mix n’ Chop tool makes it so easy to break up all of your meats into the perfect, uniform sizes. This tool can also gently chop things like berries or salad dressings that need a light stir. It’s a really fun tool for those that seem to have everything else in the kitchen. 

*Giveaway products were bought and will be shipped by Shandra @ Deals to Meals. Thoughts, opinions and views are my own. No one is paying me to share these products, but I am an independent consultant for The Pampered Chef and you are welcome to shop on my personal website if you wish 😉