Congratulations to Loyda M. Arrington who is the winner of our Sun Oven Giveaway! Thank you Sun Oven for an awesome giveaway. For those who haven’t won thus far, check out these special deals our affiliates have worked out for you:

Christmas Affiliate Specials

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There are few things I love more than music and that is Christmas music. I am super excited about today’s giveaway. We want as many of you to win as possible. That is why we have teamed up with some of our favorite musicians to share their music and talents with you. It was hard to pick our top four musicians, but these four individuals (or groups of individuals) have touched my life and I hope they will touch yours too. They are each extremely talented and generous in their lives and in their examples. I am so grateful for so many talented musicians who are willing to stand up for what they believe and create uplifting, beautiful music for families to enjoy. It’s so great to see my teenagers, as well as my younger children, all love and appreciate good music.

Good luck to each of you! Choose your giveaway(s) you want to enter, fulfill the entry requirements for each one and then check back tomorrow to see if you were one of the many winners! Merry Christmas!

Gentri {Gentlemen Trio}
Giveaway: 3 CD packs of Debut Album and Christmas Album
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Have you heard of these guys? Not only are they fun to watch perform (aren’t they darling?) but they have incredible talent! These guys have the most amazing voices. These three handsome fellas used to sing together in the production of Les Miserables and then decided to form a group to share their love of music with more people. They now write and perform their own music and it is breathtaking! I am so impressed at their philosophy behind their music, as well as their sound. These men are good examples of fathers and husbands and an example our children can look up to. Their lyrics are powerful and have a way of touching your heart and soul. I hope you enjoy learning about them and listening to their outstanding music!

FREE BYU Christmas Special (with Lexi Walker): This one hour special I have playing on my Ipad all day. I can’t get enough! It has all of my favorite Christmas songs and really brings the spirit of Christmas. Watch it for free here–it’s incredible!

Gentri’s Christmas Album: Gentri has a Christmas CD with one of my all-time favorite Christmas Songs (What Child is This?) and it is only $4.99–a bargain! It is so touching and beautiful. It really portrays the spirit of Christ and Christmas and is so powerful. I have it playing nearly every day.

Favorite Song ‘Home’: Gentri has a song they wrote that has touched my heart and brought peace and comfort to me. They have a song Home on their debut CD that everyone MUST hear. It is the most touching song about losing a loved one. It is powerful. The first time I heard it I was with a group of 5000 ladies (TOFW) and there was not a dry eye in the place. I was sitting next to my friend who lost her husband a couple months ago and this song brought so much comfort to her. Gentri’s CD with the song Home is my Christmas gift to several people who have lost loved ones this year.

Free Patriotic Music Video: God Bless America 

Free Music Video to their song ‘Dare’ with a sweet, amputee girl–my children love this song and video.

Want a great date night idea? Visit Gentri’s site for information on their upcoming Valentines ConcertBuy tickets here. I’ve hinted to my hubby this would make a great, romantic date for Valentines!


1st Giveaway: 2 tickets to their Christmas concert Tuesday December 15th at Abravanel Hall {SLC, Utah} & 50% off for all others (Use discount code VM50 to get half off tickets)

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2nd Giveaway: 10 Jingle 2 CD’s {Value $14.95}
*Special Discount: Use ‘DealstoMeals’ when buying the Voice Male Jingles 2 CD and you will get it for only $5! Makes a great stocking stuffer! Pick yours up today.

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Voice Male is such a fun group! Have you heard of them before? These guys are SO entertaining and extremely talented. My kids LOVE their music. Their Christmas CD’s are some of our family’s favorites. Who is Voice Male? Here is a brief explanation of who they are from their website: “A sextet from Utah, who performs all of the Christmas standards with aplomb, as well as several idiosyncratic tracks that reveal a mischievous side to their natures.” Not really sure what aplomb means, but basically, they are a group of really great, funny, talented men that get together and sing accapella (without instruments) and have a riot doing it. Every year my family goes to one of their Christmas concerts and we leave laughing so hard our faces hurt. They are as fun to watch as they are to listen to. We are SUPER excited they are offering two lucky winners free tickets to their concert on Tuesday (December 15th) AND 50% off tickets if you use the code VM50 before Tuesday. My entire family is going and it will be such a fun night!

The Chipmunk Song–This Jingles 2 CD has some of our families favorite songs. We keep this CD in the car and play it all season. This CD has my children’s favorite son, The Chipmunk Song. So funny! With the discount code of DealstoMeals it is only $5 this week!

For those of you not living in Utah to enter to win the concert tickets, Voice Male is so amazing and is giving away TEN CD’s of their Jingles 2 CD. You are going to love their music. Below are some of my favorites:

Voice Male Christmas Live: 27 songs, all live in concert with all of their fun music and all of their personalities. It is such a great Christmas CD!

Voice Male Kid Stuff–such a fun CD if you have young children. The Rubber Ducky song makes my kids laugh so hard. Such a darling CD. Would make a great Christmas gift for any children.

FREE Voice Male Hymns CD–a cappella religious hymns. Download this entire CD for free, or buy a CD for only $1 to pay shipping costs. Makes a great gift for anyone wanting to enjoy some peaceful, beautiful, religious music. Plus, the money from this CD goes to a good cause, so it’s good all the way around 😉

 Jenny Oaks Baker
Giveaway: CD’s
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There is not an instrument in this world that I love more than the violin. There is something about the sound of a violin that makes me feel like I’m in the presence of heaven and everything breathtaking in the world. I could listen to violin music all day. My Dad always says the violin is the instrument of the Gods 😉 I like to think so too! There are many talented violin players, but I would have to say my all-time favorite is Jenny Oaks Baker. She plays the most incredible arrangements of hymns, traditional favorites and even rock n’ roll songs. You name it, she can play it and she does amazing at that! I love this lady! Here are some of my favorite CD’s of hers:

Noel–my favorite Christmas CD of Jenny’s. It is one I can have on the entire Christmas season and never get sick of. It is breathtaking!

Wish Upon a Star-If you love Disney music and the violin, this CD is your dream come true. It is truly magical!

Classic: The Rock Album–if you love rock n’ roll, you will love this CD. It has awesome renditions of your favorite rock n’ roll songs. Love!

Hillary Weeks
Giveaway: 3 CD’s
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I have been a long time fan of Hillary Weeks. My sister’s introduced me to her music at TOFW several years ago, and it’s quickly become a favorite. It’s the kind of music you can have playing all day and never get sick of. Her music is soothing, uplifting and the messages of each of her songs helps you feel good about yourself, as a mother and just over-all happy. She has been on the top Bilboard charts for Christian Artists for several years and is extremely talented. She has many songs about motherhood which I love and have really touched my ‘mother heart’. If you have any women in your life that you would like to share uplifting music with, Hilary’s CD’s would make a great gift. She also writes music for teenagers too, which my daughters love. Pretty much I love every CD of hers, but here are some of my absolute favorites:
Naptime and Bedtime–Oh how true this song is! It’s super clever and funny. Here is her Utube video of her parody. 

Beautiful Heartbreak Music Video--such a touching song about the beautiful aspects to hardships and trials.
If I Only Had Today--one of my favorite songs. It’s a beautiful song about living in the moment and loving your role as a mother. Beware, it will make you cry 😉 Her Say Love song is also a huge hit around our home. It just makes me happy 🙂

Thank you to each of our talented musicians who were so kind to donate the CD’s and tickets for this giveaway. Please support them and help them be able to continue sharing their inspiring music to the world.  Thanks guys!