Congratulations to 26 lucky winners!! Sorry for the late post of the winners for yesterday’s giveaway. There were lots of winners, so it took us a few extra minutes. Hope you were one of the lucky winners! Merry Christmas. If you didn’t win, please support these amazing musicians and their efforts by purchasing some of their beautiful music on their websites 😉 Thanks friends!

Gentri CD Pack Winners:

Betsy Tanner
Kaley Waite
Amy Taufer

Hilary Week’s CD

Kristen Archuleta
Diana Suker
Hiedi Robbins
Amber Friess
Kali Schertz

Voice Male Concert

Lynette Saunders

Voice Male Jingles 2 CD

Kayla Clark
Tana Davis
Rosalie Bowen

Betsy Tanner
Amanda Wall
Krista Peck
Lilyana Escamilla
Linda Tomisic
Kristy Morrison
Debby Moore
Tricia Brown
Kim Scott
Julie Robertson
Ashley Knoall
Dawn Sorwic
Candice Ehret
Mae Gomer