Congratulations to Jennifer Camargo who has won the Orson Gygi Culinary Cooking Class Giveaway, and Louene A. Perry who won the gift card!

I can honestly say there is not an appliance in my kitchen that I use more than my Bosch Mixer. I use this fabulous machine nearly every day, whether I’m making homemade bread, rolls, cookies, frostings, brownies, mashing mashed potatoes, whipping whipped cream, and on, and on. I have a serious crush on this machine. I love it! Now, you know me. I am just about as frugal as one can get. However, there are certain items that, for me, are well worth spending some extra money on. Products like Pampered Chef, Norwex, Bosch Mixers, etc. are all products that are well built and made to last. I have learned way too many times over, if you try to go cheap on certain items, you will usually be disappointed. Sometimes it’s better to bite the bullet and buy the nice things, and then enjoy them for years to come. I have used my Bosch consistently for over 8 years and it still runs as great as the day I took it out of the box. I’ve had a the Professional Kitchen Aid machine before, and it just didn’t work as well. It couldn’t do my 12 pounds of bread dough and would overheat all the time. I finally switched it out for a Bosch and I couldn’t be happier. I am now a Bosch fan thru and thru!

Now, how exciting is this, that we get to give away ONE Universal Bosch Mixer to one of you lucky winners?!? We want to give a HUGE thank you to Bob from the Bosch store in Sandy Utah, who has helped make this giveaway possible. If you are going to buy a Bosch Mixer this year (or anytime) will you please support his store? He is such a great man, always so generous and they have the best customer service possible. Let’s help support small businesses (Amazon and Walmart are taking over all of these family stores–grr!) and send some orders and Christmas love His way. Thanks Bob, you’re the best!
Since this is such an outstanding giveaway, we want your help in spreading the word! If you would like the chance to win,  make sure and do all 6 entry requirements. Sadly, if you don’t and Rafflecopter draws your name, we’ll have to disqualify you. So…take your time and make sure and do ALL of them. Contest ends at midnight tonight, so don’t delay! Thanks guys and good luck to you 😉

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