Congratulations to Heather Towle who is the winner of our Universal Bosch Giveaway. We are so excited for you Heather!! You are going to love this machine 😉 Merry Christmas!

Hi Friends! I am thrilled about this next giveaway. It’s hard to beat a Bosch Mixer (although….a $750 Blendtec is coming Saturday–yay!!) But, our next giveaway is something we use as much as our Bosch (just in a different room of the house) and something I love just as much. I am totally, 100% in love with this next product. ClearPlay has changed my family’s life. Literally. Dramatic? Maybe. But, I LOVE CLEARPLAY! If I could yell it from rooftops, I would. With all of the garbage being thrown into media these days, I am SO grateful as a mother for a solution like ClearPlay.

If you love to watch movies in your home, or if you have children and/or teenagers in your home, a Clear Play DVD player is a must for us. Not only do we have one DVD player, but we love it so much we have bought one for each t.v. (three to be exact). Now, we are some of the world’s cheapest individuals, and yet it is worth it to me to spend a couple hundred dollars to keep all of the filth and sleaze out of my home. Ask any of my friends. I am pretty passionate about this. I am like a walking Clear Play commercial. Not because I get paid to, just because it is a product that has changed the way my family views entertainment and media–for the better! We have an awesome theater room in our home and it is a place my family loves to be. We have at times 30+ teenagers over and it brings piece of mind knowing that they can watch movies and I don’t have to worry about anyone hearing or seeing something they shouldn’t. It allows me, as the mom, to sit back, relax and enjoy spending good, wholesome time together. I. LOVE. IT!

Basically, Clear Play allows you to filter the media you watch in your home. I love knowing we can watch a movie with our family, or we can have a group of teenagers over, and we don’t have to worry about vulgarity, sex scenes, nudity, etc. You can sit back and relax and know that all of the items you want taken out, are gone. It is lovely! It takes all of the stress out of entertaining and makes good, clean, family time something we all can enjoy!

Here’s a little explanation from Clear Play:

 ClearPlay has settings for Vulgarity, Nudity, Substance Abuse, Sensuality, Violence, and more..

ClearPlay is all about choice. You set content preferences based on your family values. ClearPlay Smart Parental Controls then filter out the images and dialogue you don’t want in the movies and TV shows you own or rent.
We offer filters for over 4,500 ClearPlay compatible movies and TV shows.
So even when you’re not around, your family will be protected from the content you don’t want them exposed to—and they’ll enjoy the best content from the latest releases.

Today we will be giving away a Clear Play BlueRay DVD Player to one of you! If you know ClearPlay is something your family would love, they are offering a special to all of our Deals to Meals and Fun Cheap or Free readers. Visit this site to find out their special pricing. Good luck to you!

*The awesome thing is, ClearPlay is becoming so popular their machines are on back order until January. The great news is, if you purchase them now, you get up to 47% off (a way for them to say ‘sorry’ for the wait). It may not get to you by Christmas, but you’ll get a great deal–which is a bonus!

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