Hi Deals to Meals and Freebies 2 Deals friends! We are SO excited to introduce some new people to what Deals to Meals is all about–and have you feel part of our big, friendly (hungry) family. Here at Deals to Meals we obsessed with saving money on groceries (WITHOUT clipping coupons) and getting your family back to the dinner table. What good are groceries if you don’t know what to turn your groceries into for dinner? Our meal planner will save your dinner time stress and help make meal planning and grocery shopping fun again!
The best part about it, is our service is SO simple to use. You can create a plan that works for your families specific needs. I took Melea shopping and in less than one hour we were able to make our grocery list (using Deals to Meals), print out our shopping list, plan her meals and went off to Walmart to do some price matching (not necessary to price match, but it’s sure convenient).  We were able to buy all of the groceries she needed for her 7 day meal plan along with lots of stock up items–all for $128! We saved about 60% on her groceries without clipping one single coupon. How fun is that?
The best part about our service is our recipes (in my humble opinion)–ha! We seriously have some of the most amazing recipes you will ever find. Many meal planning services offer recipes that (I don’t know about yours) but my family would not want to eat in a million years. Our recipes have all been tried, tested and loved by our family of 7 and we only share the best with you! Our recipes are family friendly, made from scratch (very little processed foods) and everything you normally love to eat.
Melea made these Chipotle Chicken BBQ Sandwiches as one of her first meals and they were a hit at her house too. We have hundreds of recipes we can’t wait for you to try!
Now, some of you might have a few questions about how our service works. We would LOVE to help you! Please email us (shandra@dealstomeals.com or todd@dealstomeals.com) or leave a comment and we would love to answer your questions. 
However, before you do, I’m sure we have some links that might help you figure out our service with ease 😉 Here are a few blog posts that might help you navigate your way through what we do. Enjoy!!

Should I Use Coupons? Check out this local TV news story where they made the case for Coupons Vs. Deal Shopping–I bet you can guess who won?!? Yeah Baby!!