I went shopping today. Surprisingly, my last big grocery shopping trip has lasted 18 days and I still have tons of produce left. How fun is that?!? I guess being on a diet is good for something–groceries don’t go as quickly 🙂 Ha! So, I decided to do some stock-up food storage shopping today and I got some great deals. We were out of cereal (again–ugh!) and so I needed some cereal, bread, eggs and then a few awesome deals that were on sale. Do you need pasta in your food storage? This is the week to STOCK UP! At only $0.49 a pound, it’s a great time to buy your year supply of pasta. Also, other great deals on salsa, taco shells, peppers, snack items, about every meat you’d ever want in your freezer and MUCH more. Login to our website to find out all of the best deals this week 😉 Have fun shopping!!