We have some exciting news! Costco’s and Walmart’s deals have now been added to Deals to Meals! These are the two most requested grocery stores people want to see on our website. We are happy to bring their special deals to you each month as they are listed on their website. These stores are a little different than our regular deals, because all other stores are compared TO these two stores. However, we have figured out how to do this. Here’s an explanation for you of how they will work.

Walmart’s weekly grocery deals will be compared to Costco and Sam’s Club. If items in their monthly ad are the same price or less than Costco or Sam’s Club, they will be listed as a ‘red/great’ deal.

Costco does not offer a weekly ad, but they do offer monthly coupon discounts. For those with Costco memberships, we will help you know which coupons are the best deals and should be stocked up on. There are no prices listed on Costco’s website, so under the price section of our site you will see the discount amount from the coupon.  Not all items will be shown on our website as some coupon deals are still not great deals. For example, boxed cereal is almost never a good deal at Costco–even with a coupon. Those type of items will be listed as a blue/good deal because I wouldn’t suggest buying those. However, there are some items that are great deals (like Tide Detergent) that are always less at Costco, and then with a coupon, make them an extra good deal. We will help you differentiate between which deals are the best for you to buy each week (grocery and toiletry items only).

If you want to have access to Costco’s or Walmart’s deals, login to our website and then click on the SELECT STORE icon. Select Costco and Walmart to be added to your preferred stores, and then their deals will show up on your list of grocery deals.


We are excited to announce that we have also added a couple additional stores in certain areas:

Fiesta Foods: Oregon and Washington
Safeway Nebraska
Safeway South Dakota

If you have additional stores you would like to see added to Deals to Meals, feel free to email us at Stores@dealstomeals.com. Thanks so much!