We have had several requests to add the .99 Cent Stores to our line up of grocery stores at Deals to Meals. Those new, 99 Cent Store’s deals are now uploaded on our website. We are excited to be adding some additional stores for our members, so keep your requests coming. We are trying to finish up the Western United States, making sure we have every requested store available on our site and then we will be heading East 😉 Thank you to those who live in the Eastern U.S. for your patience. We hope to be adding more of your stores soon!

For those who might of missed, we did add Walmart and Costco to all 50 states this past week. In order to see the new stores, you need to login to your account on Deals to Meals. Go to the ‘Select Your Store’ logo on the left hand side of the website and then click the button that says “Prefered Stores”. You can then select all of the new (and old) stores you wish to shop at. Once you add them, those stores will always be brought up on the weekly deals.

 Fiesta Foods was also added last week for the Washington and Oregon members 😉

Thanks friends and have fun shopping!