I love my job! It is so fun to meet so many people and help families save money. To think I get to help people, and get paid while doing it. Seriously, what a blessing! Thank you to each of you who continually support us here at Deals to Meals. Without you, we couldn’t do what we do, so thank you!! This week I was able to help another friend learn how to save some BIG money on their groceries. And guess what, it is SO easy! What if I told you if you spent an extra 10-15 minutes a week, you could save $100’s on your grocery shopping trip? Sounds hard to believe, right? Well, it’s true. And it is more simple than you could ever imagine!

I have gotten to know some extremely talented and lovely people in this business. I love learning from fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs who have taught me so much over the years. One of those beautiful people is Laura Powell. She is the author of the famous food blog, Real Mom Kitchen -check her out, she’s amazing!

 Over 8 years ago when I started this blog, she was one of the only other food blogs on the web (wow, how things have changed!). She was the first food blog I followed all those years ago. Her recipes are incredible and her simple-no fuss recipes are perfect for busy moms. When I was introduced to Laura a few weeks ago, it was so great to get to know her and learn from her years of experience. And…at the same time, teach her a little something about what I love to do—grocery shop and SAVING money! We met at her house and within 15 minutes of using Deals to Meals we had her grocery list and meal plan all ready to go. Off we went to her local Neighborhood Walmart and let the shopping fun begin! After 45-60 minutes of shopping (and a lot of talking) we left Walmart with a full cart of groceries, 2 weeks of meal ingredients, plus some food storage items we stocked up on for under $100! As we were checking out I had her guess how much she’d think her total would be. She said, “Well over $200”. When it rung up for $98.92 she was shocked! How fun is that? Remember, saving money doesn’t have to be hard. With a little help from Deals to Meals, you can save some serious money too. Check out all of the great deals (some shown above) and see how fun saving and shopping can be for you too!

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