Before baking season comes to an ed, you need to make a batch of this Cinnamon Swirl Bread. This bread has all of the flavor and texture we love about cinnamon rolls, but put together in a much easier, simpler recipe. This Cinnamon Bread is delicious with our Cinnamon Butter, or the leftovers make the most heavenly french toast. No matter how you slice it, this bread is a must this time of year. Enjoy 🙂

Cinnamon Swirl Bread
  1. 5 c. hot water
  2. 3 T. yeast
  3. 1 c. white sugar
  4. 2/3 c. vital wheat gluten
  5. 3 T. lemon juice
  6. 2/3 c. oil
  7. 2 T. salt
  8. 14-15 c. white flour
  1. 1/2-2/3 c. cinnamon butter
  2. 1/2-2/3 c. brown sugar
  3. 2 T. cinnamon
  4. Dash of nutmeg
  5. Cream Cheese Frosting, drizzle (optional)
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  1. In a large mixing bowl (or in your Bosche/KitchenAid mixer bowl), combine the water, yeast, lemon juice, sugar and vital wheat gluten together. Mix together and let the mixture sit until it becomes foamy and bubbly (about 10 minutes). Then add the oil, salt and flour (one cup at a time) to the yeast mixture. The dough should be sticky, but not so sticky that you won't be able to work with it. Once the dough has been incorporated, let it sit in the bowl until it begins to rise (about 15-20 minutes--you don't have to wait too long). Pour a few tablespoons of oil onto the counter and spread into a large rectangle shape. Empty the dough out onto the greased counter. Roll the dough into a very large rectangle shape (doesn't have to be perfectly rectangle). Roll until dough is about 1/4-1/2 inch thick (not as thin as a cinnamon roll dough would be).
  2. Spread the cinnamon butter all over the surface of the dough. Evenly sprinkle the brown sugar and cinnamon all over the dough. Roll the dough into a large log, beginning with the end furthest away from you (like you would with a cinnamon roll). Cut the dough 'log' into five equal parts. Take each section and fold the sides underneath the dough piece to try and seal off the cinnamon swirl sections. Pinch the sides and bottom of the dough loaf together as best you can.
  3. Spray each bread loaf with cooking spray. Place the dough pieces into each of the loaf pans and spread the corners of the dough into each corner. Place the loaf pans into a 170 degree oven and let them rise until they are just below the top of the pan. Once the dough reaches the top of the pan, turn the oven to 350 degrees (without opening the oven). Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until bread is golden brown. Remove from pans after bread has cooled. Serve with cinnamon butter or cut into thick slices and make into French toast.
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