How was your weekend? I hope you had a great one. After being home for a week, I guess it was time I went grocery shopping, right? Our fridge was totally empty when we got home and I’m not sure what we have eaten, but somehow we survived a week with only buying milk and eggs. Having a well stocked food storage is the best, isn’t it? I knew I had to go shopping today when last night we ate another freezer meal and my son said, “Are you ever going to make a real dinner again?” I guess that’s a sign it was time to go shopping, wasn’t it?

So, off I went. I logged into Deals to Meals and decided to shop at Smiths and Sprouts this week. There were some amazing deals this week. Especially if you need any case lot-food storage items, this is the week to go! Having been gone for so long I needed a bunch of produce, dairy and meat. It was the perfect time to go and stock up on a bunch of great deals. I got everything I needed for my families 10 day meal plan, along with 20 lbs. of butter for my freezer (yes, it’s only $1.99 a pound at Smiths!! I saved $60 just on my butter purchase) and 20 lbs. of chicken.  Chicken is on sale here in Utah (and other Western US states) for $1.29-$1.77/lb. These deals make it a great time to stock your freezer with chicken!  Login to our website to find out all of the best deals in your area 😉