You know, sometimes I love doing a large grocery shopping trip with price matching and a huge grocery list. But then, there are times I just want to do a quick, simple shopping trip. Tonight I was reminded that we were out of milk and most of the basics of family life 😉 I quickly logged into Deals to Meals and looked through the deals. Smiths had some of the best deals, so I decided to go there quickly. I spent $89 on all of the groceries we needed for a week (for the 7 of us) and was thrilled with the price tag. I saved $56 and was in and out of Smiths in less than 25 minutes.

That’s the great thing about Deals to Meals. It can help you save BIG money, even if you don’t have a lot of time. Just focus on those red/great deals and you will save 30-70% on your groceries. For example, this week at Smiths they have their personal size watermelons on sale for $1.50, usually $3.99. That’s more than 50% off. Also, they have their raspberries and blackberries on sale for only $1.25, usually $2.99. Again, over 50% off. Buy several and stock your freezer for smoothies and shakes 😉 We also got turkey, ground beef, ground sausage, bread, produce, dairy–you name it, it’s on sale! Not to mention Smiths (and Kroger) are also having their case lot sales, so it’s a great time to stock up on pantry items as well. Enjoy!!