One of the great deals this week is on boneless beef roast. If you are like me, I love having several roasts in my freezer that I can pull out and cook in the slow cooker on a busy night. Smith’s currently (through April 5th) has their boneless beef rump roast on sale for only $2.99/lb. This is a great deal and the perfect time to stock your freezers for later. I bought several roasts the other day and threw a couple in the crock pot for dinner. In less than 5 minutes I had dinner cooking and off I went with my day. Prep for dinner took less than 10 minutes to shred the meat and before we knew it, we were sitting down to a delicious (and easy) dinner!  Fantastic, isn’t it?

Tip: I always cook double the amount of meat I need for my dinner recipe so I can freeze the other half for later. Or, I use the other half of the meat for other meals like stews, beef enchiladas, paninis, etc. later in the week. Adding extra meat to the crock pot takes only a couple extra minutes but can save hours of future meal prep to have it all cooked and ready to go. Want more freezer meals or tips? Remember to check out our e-books with lots of recipes and quick tips. Our Favorite Freezer Meal E-book is only $0.97! Get your copy today. Enjoy 🙂

Slow Cooker BBQ Beef Sandwiches
  1. 3-4 lbs. boneless beef roast
  2. 1 Tbs. Montreal Steak Seasoning
  3. 1/2 cup water
  4. 1 onion, sliced (optional)
  5. 1 jar favorite bbq sauce
  6. Dill pickles
  7. Hoagie buns or rolls
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  1. Place the boneless beef roast into your slow cooker. Sprinkle with the Montreal Steak Seasoning. Pour the water on the bottom of the roast. Slice the onion and place over the roast. Cook the roast on low heat for 6-8 hours, or on high heat for 4-5 hours, or until the roast shreds easily. When ready to serve, Remove any of the excess fat from the roast and drain off most of the juices (you can save or freeze this for later--it makes great beef broth). Shred the meat in the crock pot into large strips. Pour your favorite bbq sauce over the meat and toss. Serve the sauce and meat on hoagie buns or rolls. Add dill pickles if you wish.
  1. HEALTHIER OPTION: Serve the sandwiches on a whole wheat bun.
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