You spoke, and we listened. We are excited to announce three new stores we have now added to our website. For all of our Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska members, we have added Baker’s, Dillons and Gerbes to our line up of grocery stores. These stores have some amazing deals, so login to our website and check out what’s on sale this week.

If you have a store you would like to see added to our website, email us at and we will add them to our list. Thank you for your patience as we continue to expand our service. Also, the best way to ensure we add your stores is to help us spread the word about Deals to Meals. The more members we have in your area, the more likely we will add the stores you need.

Here’s a testimonial from one of our members. It’s easy to save time and money!

“Ok…so I am obsessed with Deals to Meals! Thank you so much for this service! I have saved so much money over the 4+ years that I have been a member. Thank you for planning my menu each week! Such a life saver for a busy Mom that has very little time to plan meals. My family is always well fed because I can be organized and look like I have it all together… because of you!!! Thank you!”