Had a great time shopping today and saved some serious money!! Not only did I get all of the groceries I needed for the week for my family of 7, but I also was able to stock up on cheese (yes, that is 14 two pound bags of cheese–scary how much we love cheese :), salsa and mayonnaise. I had to chuckle inside today when I was checking out. The lady in front of me had several items that were all on sale. I helped her price match the items and she said, “Oh man, if I had time like you to price match I would save some big money”. I couldn’t help but think it took me literally less than 5 minutes to make my shopping list. No matter how busy we all are, we all have an extra 5-10 minutes to make a grocery list–especially if it saves us almost HALF on our groceries, right?  If you are like this lady and feel that price matching takes too much time, give our website a try (2 week FREE trial for everyone!). I promise, with a little practice, it doesn’t take long to save your family a lot of money.

How can you save money too? Simply log into our website, create your shopping list from the red/best deals of the week, and head out to the store (or stores) of your choosing. Today I was running low on time, so I decided to price match at my local Walmart. It was great to be able to get all of the best deals in one place.  It feels so great to have all of the ingredients I need for this months meal planner. If you need help knowing what to make this week, we can help with that too! We have tons of delicious recipes on our website that can all be made from the deals this week.  It’s a win-win!