Went out today for a midnight munchie run with my teenagers and found some great prices at Smiths I wanted to share with you. Yes, I’m not sure who kidnapped their mother?!–this was SO not like me! Despite my unusual behavior, I was thrilled to get all sorts of great deals at Smiths–for things we didn’t need, as well as those we did. Not sure ice cream and doughnuts are a ‘need’, but the kids sure loved them 😉

Either way, this is a great week to stock up on some items your family might use on a regular basis. Things like pasta, chips, snack foods, chicken, produce, peanut butter, fishy crackers, marshmallows, Juicy Juice drink boxes, yogurt, eggs, milk, etc. I spent $92 and saved $95! That’s over a 50% savings WITHOUT using coupons or price matching. Knowing what to buy, as well as what not to buy, is what will save you the most at the grocery store. Login to Deals to Meals to help make your grocery shopping experience SIMPLE and FUN–no matter the time of day.  I think I am finally ready for bed now that the house full of teenagers are gone 😉 Ahh, peace and quite. That’s a good part of the day, isn’t it? Have a great night!