Can you believe it’s only a littler over a week before it’s Father’s Day? Father’s Day is one of my favorite days because I get the chance to try and share all of the love I have for the amazing men in my life. From my own father, to my husband, I am so grateful for all of them. Even though gifts don’t make the day more special, sometimes it’s fun to give gifts that will bring our loved ones some added joy and excitement.

If you are like me however, you might be struggling to find the perfect gift for those Father’s in your life. Shopping for Todd can be pretty frustrating and overwhelming. He loves everything techy and digital, where as I still prefer to use paper and pencils. We don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to gift giving (he is MUCH better at it than I am). So, since he is such a great gift giver, I thought I would enlist his help to share with you some of his favorite products the father’s in your life are sure to love 🙂 Let’s get started, shall we?

Have you seen these pocket projectors before? Gone are the days that you have to have a several thousand dollar unit mounted from your ceiling. Why not buy a portable, mini projector that works just as well? My husband bought himself a Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro over two years ago and we LOVE it!! We use this portable projector all the time. Not only does it work great in our theater room, but we also take it on every vacation, camping trip and use it in our own yard for summer movies. The uses for this projector are endless. We have had SO much fun using this projector and the kids think it is the greatest thing ever!

Now, because my husband knew we would use our projector all the time, he invested in the more expensive portable projector that is $329 on sale. However, if this is too much of an investment financially, they also offer a slightly lesser quality projector for only $228. Both options would be a perfect Father’s Day gift! Not only for the man in your life, but for the whole family! Seriously, it is SO fun!!

Below is a slightly less expensive projector option. Either one would be great and works with all of your electronic devices (phone, kindel, Ipad, computer, etc.).  Buy one today while they are on sale for these great prices! They are currently $50 less than we even bought them for a couple years ago. Bonus!

Have you heard of Sky Drop before? We showcased this amazing product back during our 12 Days of Giveaways in December. Now that it is time to start watering your lawn and it’s time to get yards in and set up your sprinklers, it’s the perfect time to invest in a SkyDrip controller system. Everything you need to do with your watering system can be done by the touch of your smart phone. You can turn off your sprinklers, set timers for your sprinklers, change your zones in your sprinkling system and how long each station waters and MUCH more! Another great feature is your controller can tell what the weather is in your area. If it rains one day then it will not water your lawn. It can tell exactly how much moisture you have had an change your sprinkler system accordingly–saving you money!

Our friends at SkyDrop are offering an awesome deal of $75.00 off your SkyDrop Controller. This makes the cost of your panel only $224.99 (You can buy 2 controllers at this price). Not only that, but your control will make you eligible for rebates in your area ranging from $100-$480–making your controller totally affordable. Check the links below for more rebate options. Don’t delay! Order your controller today and save $75 (sale price only good through June) using the coupon code ‘dtm’

Links to possible rebates.
For Utah folks, there is a $100 rebate for most places in Utah.
In Southern California, the rebate can often cover the whole cost of the panel or even two panels (up to $480)
if the system has more than 8 zones.
*The panel is EPA WaterSense certified. So any place that offers a rebate for Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers most likely accepts our controller for the rebate.

$50 off regular price!
Are you new to Dropcam? We LOVE our security cameras that hook to our phones. We started off with just one camera and now have them in several different areas of our home. It is so nice to beable to login on our phones and see what our children are doing while we are away. We can also see out to our front porch in case packages are dropped off, or watch the kiddos play in the front yard. No matter where you choose to put these cameras, they are super convenient and bring a great peace of mind. 
These cameras are on sale for Father’s Day for only $149 (regularly $198–that’s a $50 savings!!). This is the best price you will find on this product. It’s the perfect time to buy several for your home security and peace of mind.
Whether your hubby is into emergency preparedness efforts or not, this Sun Oven has been such a fun investment for our family. It feels so great to know we have a cooking source that doesn’t require an energy source–besides the sun. We have made cookies, homemade bread, chili, pizza and many more yummy creations in our Sun Oven. All with just the sunshine in our backyard. This Sun Oven is a great investment to help you on your emergency preparedness path.  When ordering, enter Deals to Meals to get a discount at check out!

$70 OFF! Use code “Dealstomeals” to get $70 off your All American Sun Oven with the Preparedness and Dehydration Package

$50 OFF! Use code “DealstomealsASO” on an All American Sun Oven without accessories. 

This Circle device, that is made from Disney, is a parents best friend! You can control your children’s screen time, filter content and help your family bring balance to their life. Everything about this product is amazing and it’s a great gift for your hubby, as well as your whole family. It’s on sale as well for only $99, so it’s a great time to buy your controller today!