Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing fathers and husbands out there! I am so grateful for all of the inspiring, strong, faithful men in my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better father and husband. They are both wonderful examples to me, my children and have been an enormous blessing in my life. Love you Todd and Daddio!

Every year my sister plans a huge ‘Dad’s vs. Kids’ competition with all sorts of games and activities. This has become such a fun tradition that all of the kids look forward to every year. We have such a great time watching the Dad’s (and Grandpa’s) get competitive and play against the kids. The children were thrilled to win two years in a row, and couldn’t help but rub it into the Dads 😉 You don’t have to do any elaborate games, just simple, fun activities that don’t take a lot of prep work. Here are a few of our favorites:

*Clothes-pin tag–Each Dad and child has a clothes pin pinned to them somewhere on their clothing. You set a timer for a certain amount of time and they see who can take eachother’s clothes pin. Once your pin has been taken, you are out and have to sit down. The team with the most clothes pins in the end wins.

*Using scrabble or Banana-gram tiles, have each team have to spell out the words ‘Happy Father’s Day”.

*Have each team perform a simple jingle (like from a commercial). The Mom’s decide who did the best job (this was hilarious!).

*Volleyball with a balloon. The balloon can’t touch the ground and each person can only hit it one time on each side.

*Give each team a pile of skittles or M&M’s. Give them each a straw and have them have to transport the candy with their straw (sucking in air will keep it on the end of the straw) to a designated spot across the yard. The team who gets them all moved the quickest, wins.

*”People” Taboo using each person playing the game is really fun. They have to explain the person without using specific characteristics about each person. The team who guesses the most right wins.

*Picture Match–have a picture of each participant when they were a baby. Crop the photo so that all you can see are their eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks. Remove as much of the hair or face that would give away which child it is. The Dad’s have to pick out of all of the pictures which babies are their own children. The kids have to do the same and match up all the Dad’s pictures. This one takes some prep work but is super fun!