Taquitos around our house are a staple. There is something fun to eat about a cheesy, meat filling all wrapped up in a soft, flour tortilla. Cook them until crisp on the edges and dip them in something yummy and you have a meal I can’t pass up. Not to mention taquitos are totally kid friendly and super simple to make. These are a favorite around our house and the other night I wanted to come up with a little different twist on an old favorite. I gave these taquitos an Asian flair that we all loved! We even dipped them in extra sweet pepper jelly for a delicious sweet and spicy combo. It was amazing!! If you need a simple and easy recipe for dinner this week, give these taquitos a try 😉 Enjoy!
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Sweet Thai Chicken Taquitos
  1. 3 chicken breasts, cooked and cut into cubes (or shred after being cooked in a crock pot)
  2. 1/2 cup cilantro, chopped
  3. 1/2 cup red pepper jelly (Sweet Thai Sauce)
  4. 2 (8 oz.) cream cheese, room temperature
  5. 1 cup mozzarella cheese, shredded
  6. 1 cup pepperjack cheese, shredded (or more mozzarella)
  7. 2 avocados, skin removed, pit removed and diced
  8. 1 Tbs. lime juice
  9. Salt and pepper to taste
  10. 10-12 flour tortillas
  11. Extra red pepper jelly for dipping
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  1. Cook the chicken in a crock pot or on a grill until the chicken is tender and cooked through. Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Let the chicken cool slightly and then cut (or shred) into bite sized pieces. Place the chicken in a large bowl. Chop the cilantro and add to the chicken. Add the sweet pepper jelly, the cream cheese, the shredded cheese and stir until combined. Cut the avocado up into small, diced pieces and add to the chicken mixture. Add the lime juice and mix the filling ingredients all together. Season with more salt and pepper as needed. Place a portion of the mixture into the center of a flour tortilla. Roll the tortilla up as tightly as possible. Place on a greased cookie sheet. Continue to do this until all of the taquitos have been rolled and placed on the tray. Bake at 425 degrees until the tops of the taquitos are nice and golden brown. Serve the hot taquitos with extra red pepper jelly if you wish.
  1. HEALTHIER OPTION: Serve on whole wheat tortillas.
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