Sorry I have been awful at blogging this past week. We are spending some good, quality time disconnected this week with my inlaws and my family. We are on our annual week long reunion and having a blast. I really love the way his family does reunions. There are 9 siblings and each year one sibling is in charge of planning the reunion. They get the opinions of the other siblings, but in the end it is up to them to decide where to go. Sometimes we stay at home and do fun things each day together, and other times we get away and rent a condo or house we can all stay in together. This year we have been spending the week in Midway Utah. It has been beautiful and relaxing. I have been sharing some of our favorite pics on instagram (follow us at Dealstomeals), but for our recipe today I wanted to share a flashback recipe for these S’more Cookie Bars.

I have made these three times in the past week and they are seriously a heavenly recipe. They are amazing! They are gooey, full of chocolate, golden marshmallows, and a buttery cookie crust that is to die for. I really can’t see how you could improve on this treat. I brought up all of the ingredients to make these bars in our condo and we all devoured them in a few minutes flat. These are definitely a crowd pleaser and perfect for summer! Hope you enjoy 🙂

S’more Cookie Bar Recipe