Each week I am excited to share with you some of our family’s favorite products that make our life more enjoyable and fun! Whether it’s kitchen gadgets, specialty foods, or products my family uses on a regular basis, we want to share them with you. If you are like me, you get tired of having to do endless research to figure out the best products for your money. Well, we have taken the guess work out of shopping for you. We will only share with you those products that are tried-and-true and that we own, and use, on a frequent basis–some items multiple times a day!

So, for our first product of the week, I want to share with you this Brookstone Pocket Projector. It has seriously been one of the most fun investments we have ever made. This projector has made for hours of endless fun for people of all ages. We take this portable projector with us on all of our trips and family adventures. We even bring this projector with us while we’re camping. We hang a white sheet in our trailer and watch a movie at night before bed. We even project movies in our backyard for the neighborhood kids to watch. The great thing about this projector is it high enough quality you can use it as your every-day projector in a theater room. The quality is very crisp and clear and works great no matter where you are!