Yes, it’s me. The embarrassing lady at our local Maceys grocery store last night with the biggest, tallest, crazy grocery cart you’ve ever seen. I started out stocking up on food storage items and then realized they had SO many great deals I just couldn’t help myself. I kept thinking…okay, now I’m done. And then I’d run into another great deal and have to figure out how to get my pile taller and wider. I had people stopping to stare at me, laughing and giving me really funny looks as I was heaving this cart around the store. My sisters were with me (who had equally large carts) which made it all the more funny! I love being that crazy lady at the grocery store. It means I am getting the best deals, saving lots of money and feeding my family great food–all while stocking up for a rainy day.

Now, sadly, the case lot sales are over, BUT here in Utah (and around the Western US) grocery stores are beginning their baking sales. These baking sales will continue through Thanksgiving, but take advantage while prices are low if you are out of any of these items: sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar, marshmallows, pumpkin, evaporated milk, cake mixes, brownie mixes, cooking oil, corn syrup, and CHOCOLATE CHIPS! Who can have enough chocolate chips in their food storage? Not me! I obviously bake way too much, but the rate we go through bags of chocolate chips is scary. Thus…the reason I bought 54 bags bags of chocolate chips yesterday. I don’t want to know how long this will last, but I can tell you, it’s not long enough!

Let me tell you friends about this great deal on chocolate chips here in Utah. Your local Maceys grocery store has Hershey’s Chocolate Chips (ALL flavors and kinds) up to 12 oz. for only $1.48. They are normally $3.98 each bag, so that is a savings of 63%! How great is that? That is less than Costco, much less than Walmart and anywhere else you can get them. It’s a great time to stock up and save some money on an item your family uses all the time.

For all of the local baking deals (and other grocery deals) in your area, visit and check them out!