Hope you had a great weekend! Sorry I’ve been a little m.i.a. lately. We’ve had a crazy last week. We finally got our house put back together after our remodel and have flooring again which is lovely. Our new bathroom is put together and we have a toilet and sink (hallelujiah!) and our dishwasher and fridge are set up again. Man, I am sure grateful I wasn’t a pioneer. It’s amazing how much you take for granted simple luxuries until you don’t have them for a week. Our home is finally getting put back together and that is a relief (I’ll show pictures soon). Also, we spent the past weekend having one more summer getaway with my family. All four of us sisters went with our families to Goblin Valley and had a blast. We hiked (yes, 8 miles with 18 kids–we were kind of crazy but had fun), ate, played flag football, explored, had a night game of steal the flag, watched a movie outdoors under the starts, ate way too much and had a great time visiting. We then rushed home to see my daughter off to Homecoming. She looked so grown up it made me want to cry. I’m so grateful for her though and her good, and darling group of friends. It gives me hope for the future with amazing youth like her and her friends.

Now, it’s off to pick peaches off my tree that are desperately waiting to be canned, plan for my sons birthday party, our annual neighborhood bake sale and keep working on our new blog (I can’t wait to show it to you!). Hope you are having a great week too and get a chance to sit back, relax and eat something yummy (yes, many bake sale favorite recipes coming this week).

Having used our outdoor projector, I couldn’t help but give another shout out for this favorite product of ours.  Our portable, mini projector is seriously a favorite product that we use at least monthly (if not more often). They are so great to take on vacations and play out door movies, to use in a theater room, to bring and use in hotel rooms, etc. We use ours ALL the time and it makes for a great time no matter where we are. In Goblin Valley we had a riot watching a movie under the stars, eating snacks and being able to cuddle up on the ground for a good show. The kids think it’s the best…and so do I. This would make for an awesome Christmas gift if you have someone hard to shop for 😉