Oh, it’s been good to be home and back in the swing of things. Todd and I went on a dreamy, romantic getaway last week to Cancun Mexico. We went with my sisters and their hubbys to an all-inclusive resort and had the best time of our lives. We had been to Cancun several times but for many of them it was their first time. It was so fun to share all that we love about Mexico with them. I am working on sharing with you some tips and tricks we have found to make a week long, romantic getaway to Cancun a reality for you too! There are lots of ways to make this trip affordable, so watch for that post coming next week.

For now, I wanted to share with you some of the amazing food we had in Cancun. At this all-inclusive resort we pretty much ate 24/7. The food was incredible and we came back with several dishes that are our favorite that I have blogged about in years past. I thought I would compile them and share them with you.  Unlike traditional American-mexican food, they don’t eat a lot of burritos, enchiladas or smothered/platter food. Traditional Mexican food is a lot of more about a flavorful meat, spanish rice, authentic black beans and fresh salsas–all wrapped up in a homemade corn tortilla. In the week we were there I don’t think we had one flour tortilla. That must be an American thing? Not sure. Either way, their food was heavenly and some of our favorite meals are below. The hotel we stayed at had an open, all you can eat taco bar and we pretty much ate ourselves sick each night eating Pork Pastor Tacos, Shredded Pork Tacos and Steak Tacos. Oh man! They were AMAZING! Give our recipes a try. They might not be quite as authentic, but they will fit the bill!

Past Trip to Cancun at the RIU

Pork Street Tacos

Pork Pastor Tacos

Cochinita Pibil

Authentic Black Beans


Pico de Gallo

Carnitas Lime Steak Tacos

Mexican Rice

Tres Leche Cake