For our Flashback Friday recipe this week I wanted to share a recipe that is highlighted on our meal planner this week. This is pomegranate season, and if you’re like me, I LOVE this sweet, tart fruit. I love to buy them, open them up and snack on them throughout the day. You can find these as low as $1 each at certain stores (check out Deals to Meals to get the exact deals in your area). Using this fruit, make this delicious mixed green salad for a healthy, simple dinner or lunch. This salad has the sweet pomegranate fruit, gorgonzola cheese, candied nuts, apples and mixed greens. You could even add some grilled chicken for a little extra protein. Either way, this salad is a favorite this time of year and so beautiful and festive! Hope you enjoy 😉

Mixed Green Pomegranate Salad with Sweet Pomegranate Dressing