For those who follow our Instagram (thanks mucho!) you might have seen a Money Saving Tip I shared earlier today. Making home lunches for my children can be a challenge and it can add up quickly. Although it is still much less expensive to send a home lunch, sometimes having all the ‘fun’ snacks, can break the bank. My kids love chips (they get it from their mother ;), so instead of buying prepackaged bags of chips, I make my own. The nice thing about this is that I can determine how many chips I want in each bag and what kinds of chips my children like to eat. It seems I buy those big packages of pre-bagged chips and they tend to only like a few of the flavors. So, when a chip goes on sale that my children like, I buy a couple bags and then come home and put a handful in separate bags for my children’s lunches. This week chips are on sale for only $1.77, so I was able to get 17 bags of chips for only $0.10 each! That’s a fourth the price of the bags you can buy at the store. Hope this simple tip helps your family save a few extra dollars each month 😉