I couldn’t be more excited about a new initiative our church has started today to help bring Christ back to the center of Christmas: #LightTheWorld. We all get so busy and it’s easy to get distracted during the holiday season. I am grateful for this new program that will help me, and my family, keep our lives centered on Christ during this Christmas season.

Check out their website where you can print off the entire calendar with the 25 simple things we can do each day to have a wonderfully spiritual Christmas. Each day on www.lds.org they will highlight the new day’s goal along with a short video to help get you excited. Here was today’s video to highlight the day of service. We were encouraged to help lighten someones burdens today. Really, as a Mom, this is what we do ALL day, right? I feel like the most important service we do is in our own home. However, it is great to get outside and find new ways to serve. It’s been inspiring on Instagram today to see all the different ways people have ‘shown light’ today.

My Mom found an opportunity for my teenagers, my sisters and me to go and help organize a refugee donation center. When we first got there, it was a HUGE mess. Nothing was organized and it was hard to make sense of the thousands of items of clothing, canned food, shoes, etc. After several hours, it was SO fun to see the room come together and to have everything in it’s own organized place. Service just makes you smile, doesn’t it!? It was worth every second to see my kids think outside of themselves and to have them realize how blessed they are. We were also able to mingle with some of the adorable refugee children at school and they were SO cute! They would come up to my daughter and play with her hair. She smiled and laughed with them. It was priceless! For all who have teenagers, you realize how special these simple moments are. If this were the only thing we were to do this month, this #LighttheWorld initiative has brought the spirit of Christmas into our family–for that, I am grateful!

If you’re interested in doing this, head over to my friends site and see all of her cute journals, ornaments and cute printouts she’s put together to help make this initiative even cuter and more fun for your family. Hope you love 😉 Merry Christmas!