What a great weekend we’ve had. Hope you’ve had a great one too! This past week has been filled with Christmas spirit unlike any other year I can ever remember. It has been so amazing to see God’s hand in the small details of our life, and to see ‘angels’ among us doing amazing things for other people. Isn’t Christmas time wonderful? It really feels like the best of everyone comes out this time of year. I wanted to share a few of my favorite Christmas moments, as well as some Christmas miracles we’ve been witness too.


I mentioned on Instagram a week ago about a single woman in our neighborhood who had a MAJOR water pipe line break and some damage done to her pipes and yard. After Todd realized this job was WAY beyond his abilities, we got bids of up to $8000 for the fix.  This sweet mom had been struggling financially anyway and wasn’t able to pay for this expensive fix. After many prayers, a sweet man who heard about her problem stepped in and did the ENTIRE job for free. Not only did they have to tear out her driveway, put in new pipes and a water line, they even went above and beyond and poured a new sidewalk and fixed her sprinklers while they were at it. They went above and beyond and it was truly a Christmas miracle for this woman in need. Good, good people out there!


We have also been so overwhelmed with the amazing response to my friend Stephanie’s Christmas Song called If I Were a Shepherd. It is the most beautiful, simple, spirit-filled Christmas song you have ever heard. This song has touched our Christmas and made it so special. Everyone’s love, comments and encouragement for Stephanie has also meant the world to her. It’s given her the confidence she needed to begin writing again and sharing her talents with others. If you haven’t heard this song, you ned to head over and check it out.  I am so impressed with people who are willing to share their talents to bless others.

I was amazed by another sweet person who wanted to donate an additional $100 to a family in need, along with our current $200 giveaway. She wanted to help another family from our list of emails we’ve received and offered to do that. How sweet is that? It’s not too late to nominate a family who could use some extra Christmas cheer–head here for details.

Every year our neighborhood hosts a 12 Days of Christmas “Kindness” for people who could use some extra love. There are 12 families who could benefit from some Christmas love and within just a couple hours, all 144 spots were filled! The outpouring of love in our community is amazing. I just feel so grateful to live amongst such amazing people.

I could go on and on. If you have a chance to spread some Christmas cheer, do a small act of service for someone or help a family need. We still have one more week of #lighttheworld, so let’s spread some Christmas love this season. Sure love you guys and Merry Christmas!