After coming back from a 13 day trip it was imperative I do some grocery shopping to get some food in our house again. My sister and I headed out shopping and made it to three stores with her two little boys and it was a fun adventure! There were a few basics I needed at Costco so thankfully their pizza kept us all going for a couple hours. Now that our local Walmart are stinkers about price matching, I’m finding it easier to shop at a few of the stores with the best deals instead of shop there. Don’t get me wrong, when there are TONS of deals I need, I will still shop at Walmart and price match, but for my less busy shopping days, this method seems to work.

I logged into Deals to Meals, picked the recipes I wanted to cook during the next 12-14 days and created my grocery list. I also kept track of items I needed for my food storage and some meat that was on sale I wanted to stock up on (we’re talking 25 lbs. of chicken, turkey, bacon, rump roasts, etc.). After a few minutes we were off and ready to shop.

Here’s the loot I got for just under $260. I got SO much food and it’s been so fun to make some homemade meals again. I’m focusing on healthy recipes for an upcoming Healthy E-book I’m creating so I can’t wait to share some of these with you. I am 2 recipes down out of 12, and so far it’s a success! Stay posted for some of these new (and healthy) recipes coming soon. Have a great day friends!