It’s been a few days back from our trip and I can’t stop thinking about how wonderful it was to relax and be with my family. For journaling purposes (I’m awful about that!) I wanted to share just a few highlights for you 😉

Our trip started in Anaheim where we decided to save our money and not go to Disneyland but went to Knott’s Berry Farm instead. We gave annual passes to our kids for Christmas and were surprised at what a great time we had. (Tip: Instead of giving lots of gifts, giving the gift of ‘memories’ has become our favorite thing to do. Kids will remember experiences more than they will gifts 😉 We then headed to Oceanside and spent a couple days at the beach, eating too much and having a great time.

Once we were done in Oceanside we made our way to Indio. It’s a small town near Palm Springs that has nothing to do but spend the day in the resort. Our days were filled with exercising (to help counter balance our eating), playing tennis, swimming, watching the Food Network, cooking and eating. Staying in a condo is a must for our big clan. It saves us TONS of money to be able to cook and eat-in all week. 

My family is ALL about eating good food. Some of us may or may not have gained over 10 pounds in 13 days! Yikes. However, we had a great time trying new recipes, eating old favorites and spending lots of time together in the kitchen and being together. Watch for some ‘healthy’ new cookie recipes coming soon (grateful for Grandma Mary who tries to keep us healthy).

One thing we always do on our trips is search out a new and fun place to eat out (as adults of course!). This year we went to an amazing restaurant called The Flying Pig in Oceanside. It was amazing! They have homemade pastas, great burgers, amazing pork chops, flatbreads and much more! If you’re in the area, this is a place to stop by (along with our fave Rockin Baja…yum!).

We also had our annual taste test with the kids. This is something we have done for almost 10 years now and the kids won’t let us not do it. This year we decided to taste test orange juice. It was a fun one and the kids loved it! We were a little surprised that Simply Orange (the one we all thought would win had zero favorite votes–bizarre!). The favorite amongst nearly everyone was between Florida’s Natural and Tropicana. It was nearly a tie and they both were super fresh tasting and delicious. The least favorite was Donald Duck (not too shocking) and Langer’s. So, the next time you’re out shopping for orange juice…keep this in mind and watch for our favorites to go on sale 😉