1pork-thumbnailThere are some AMAZINGLY low prices on chicken, pork, ground beef, ground turkey, bacon and boneless beef roasts this week. No matter what meat your family cooks with most often, this is the week to stock your freezers! Our new meal planner highlights recipes that use these meats on sale to help save you some BIG money this week. I can’t wait for our members to try our new recipe for this Firedragon Pork Stirfry. This stir fry has a sweet and spicy sauce, lots of fresh vegetables and tender strips of pork (yes, bought on sale for $0.99/lb.) all served over a fluffy bed of rice (also on sale!). Your family will love this stir fry recipe and so will your pocket book. Login to Deals to Meals and check out this week’s new meal planner to give this recipe a try.img_6984-2