People ask me all the time how I keep a well stocked food storage on a budget. For our family, having a reserve of food is an important aspect to our preparedness goals. This can be tricky however, if you are on a tight budget like we are. The trick is to only stock up on those items that are great/lost-leader prices that will save you the most money. This can be hard to keep track of, and that’s why Deals to Meals is here to help!

Don’t try and stock up on several items every week, just focus on the really great deals to save you the most money. All ‘red’ deals (or great deals) from our website are worth buying a few extra of. However, really pay attention when an item goes on sale for a starred/stock up deal. These items range from 30-70% off and will save you hundreds of dollars throughout the year. 

This week there are several of these stock-up deals. In fact, some of these prices I have NEVER seen in the past two decades. For example, here in Utah there are Associated Stores that have powdered and brown sugar on sale for only $0.35 per pound. That is a CRAZY-AMAZING-SUPER FUN deal! Don’t buy just a few bags, buy cases of this sugar because it will last 10-15 years and you know you will use it. For less than $25 I could have my family’s year supply of powdered sugar and brown sugar. You’ll save over $30 by stocking up on just this one item. Remember…we do ALL the work for you for under a $1 a week. Now that’s an investment with BIG paybacks 🙂

There are case lot deals happening this week as well. Here are a few of the great/lost leader deals we thought you should be aware of. For ALL of the best deals, login to Deals to Meals and see for yourself. If you’re not a member, hurry and take advantage of our lowest prices we’ve ever offered. Check out how to sign up here for only $3.50 a month (that’s a 25% savings).


Best Deals: Chicken of the Sea Tunafish 5oz. $0.59, American Beauty Pasta $0.69, Top Ramen Noodles 3oz. $0.12

Blairs, Ridleys, Fresh Market, Dan’s Market, Petersen’s Market, Lin’s Market, etc.

Best Deals: Western Family 1 lb. Brown Sugar or Powdered Sugar $0.35-$0.50, Western Family Tuna Fish 5oz. .59, Western Family Sugar or Flour 4-5 lbs. $1.50, Pilsbury Cake Mix 15.5 oz. $0.78. Hundreds of great deals, so login and get shopping before they’re gone!


Best Deals: Kroger Peanut Butter 16 oz. $1, Libby’s Canned Vegetables $0.50


Gerbes, Bakers, Dillons, Kroger

Best Deals: Kroger Peanut Butter 16oz. $1, Quaker Cereal up to 14 oz. $1.50


For ALL of the best grocery deals in your area, login to Deals to Meals and start saving some serious money!