Question of the day friends: are you a complainer or an eternal optimist?  I am married to the most upbeat, optimistic person in the world! Todd is my hero. He has so many attributes I look up to. To be honest though…sometimes it can be hard to be married to someone so happy, so upbeat and so optimistic– when it doesn’t come as natural to you. Don’t get me wrong, being married to someone happy is far from being a trial. In fact, it is such a blessing I feel guilty that someone like me is lucky enough to be married to him.

I have struggled with anxiety since I was a child. People with anxiety have a hard time always looking for the good. We are grateful for the good but can overshadow that with our anxiousness for the future: the ‘what might happen next’, the ‘what ifs’, etc. Being optimistic is something I have to work on being every single day. It’s not easy, but I feel like I’ve made progress over the years. I’m so grateful we have power through our Savior, Jesus Christ to change and be better. 

As a mom, don’t you feel like you are constantly saying things like “Look for the good”, “You have the CHOICE to be happy”, “No one can make you feel that way”, etc., etc., etc. I read an article that was forwarded to me (yes, by my Pollyanna hubby) that I thought was really fascinating. It was on the power of being positive. It was interesting that this article came right after I got done reading the story of Job in the Bible with my son. Man, that man was a saint! After all the heartache, disappointment and anguish Job was put through he ‘never cursed God’. Reading this scripture story helped me realize the importance of choosing to be positive. It is a choice, and although things in life aren’t always easy (in fact, let’s be honest…life can be difficult), we still can choose to praise God and be grateful in every circumstance. 

I thought I’d share the four tricks this article shares to help us avoid negativity:

Show thanks: Even for the little things.

Be aware of yourself: Stop yourself in a middle of a complaint. Quit complaining. Awareness is something to be proud of!

Start a new pattern: We can train ourselves to work towards positivity. The more often we consciously remember the good stuff, the easier positivity becomes.

Practice effort: Remind yourself to let go of that which is not helpful and nurture skill and productivity.

Our thought patterns wire our brains to react positively or negatively to the situations we are presented. So, why not reclaim control of your thoughts by making a concerted effort to focus on being positive? Try it. Beginning today, pay attention to the words you speak. The thoughts that run through your head. You’ll be amazed at just how many of them are negative. It IS possible to rewire your brain – practice, practice, practice!

Here’s the entire article if you’re interested:

Happy Sabbath friends! Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear your tips on how you stay positive–I need all the help I can get 😉