I wanted to share a post from my dear friend Ellen Johnson (who just happens to be a contributor on this blog). Not only is she the most amazing chef, but she has become a shopping connoisseur over the past four years. When I first met her she was spending WAY too much on groceries. It’s been fun to see how she’s become such a smart shopper using Deals to Meals. She did some serious food storage shopping at Smiths this past week and saved $235.35! That’s amazing. Look at her beautiful, organized, storage room. I could just stare at that all day–it’s a masterpiece and a shrine of a good-deal shopper. Here’s what Ellen had to say on Facebook:

Before I met Shandra and Todd Madsen I literally spent almost $2000 per month on groceries and now I am down to around $800 without sacrificing anything. It opens up my budget for more family activities, clothes, trips and more. If you haven’t checked out www.dealstomeals.com you need to! You won’t regret it! I stocked up this week and saved 100’s!!

Thanks Ellen for sharing with us! You are in for a treat friends because Ellen will be sharing recipes with us on this blog. Literally…a treat. She makes the.most.amazing. desserts you have EVER seen! Look at this cake she whipped out just on a whim! She’s a cooking genius! Check back next week when I show you an adorable Robin Egg Easter Layered Cake. It’s as beautiful as it is scrumptious 😉 Ellen, sure love you!Since Ellen shared her savings, I thought I would too (although not quite as impressive). I also went and bought a handful of food storage items and saved $66.67! That was nearly 50% off each of the items I bought. It’s a great time to stock up on basic, food storage items if you haven’t already. Login to Deals to Meals to see all of the best grocery deals in your area. Remember, YOU can save serious money on your grocery budget too. All for less than a $1 a week! It’s the only dollar you will spend that will pay $100’s back in dividends. Not a bad deal, right? Try a two week membership for FREE and see how much you can save.