Thank you for all of your emails and questions about Walmart’s new price matching policy (from our last post). Here’s the skinny…

*Walmart will not tell their customers which stores will continue price matching and which ones won’t (so frustrating!). However, they are letting us know that there ARE a few stores throughout the country that will continue to price match for ‘a short time’. They will not specify ‘short time’ but are hoping to have their Savings Catcher program replace the price matching eventually.

*Most of the Western United States are no longer price matching, specifically Utah, Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming. Most will be finished by May 7, 2017.

*Over 800 stores have stopped price matching and many more will follow.

*Walmart is trying to combat their no price matching policy by lowering 15,000 of their top 11% SKU’s. They are hoping this will help keep customers shopping there.  Most of these prices however can still be beat by either Costco, Sam’s Club or the ‘red/great’ deals at your local grocery stores. However, lower prices may be helpful when doing those quick shopping trips.

*Walmart will continue to offer their savings catcher. In my opinion, this savings catcher program is not a beneficial program. They don’t price ‘catch/match’ any produce, meat, store brand items, specialty items and most grains and dairy. The only items this price catcher will be beneficial for is for name brand items that stores have on sale. One of the problems with Savings Catcher is they don’t compare prices to ‘regular’ grocery stores. Most of the stores they compare prices too are stores like Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, etc. These stores rarely have many ‘red/great’ deals, so these savings are pretty minimal. 

As we get more information on their new policy we will keep you updated. Basically, call your local Walmart to find out their official policy. The inconsistency with Walmart’s policies are one of my frustrations with shopping there. Grateful they have some low prices, but overall their customer service and policy changes are pretty annoying to their customers. (Yep…after waiting on the line with Walmart’s corporate office for over 40 minutes, they hung up on me. Ugh! Glad we have some friends who are managers and work for corporate). 

All the more reason a membership to Deals to Meals can help you save money. With Walmart shopping not as beneficial, you’ll need to know where to shop, what items to buy, and what meals to make. Remember, our lowest membership pricing is continuing for a short time more, so take advantage before these prices are gone! Email us at if you have any questions about this post or our lowest prices.