Yep, it’s Tuesday and that means I get to introduce you to another one of our fabulously talented blog contributors. This is my beautiful (yes, inside and out) friend Jordan Page. She is the author and mastermind behind Fun Cheap or Free. I have known Jordan for many years now and am continually amazed at all that she accomplishes and can do. This lady is unreal-amazing!!

Not only does she run her own business, but she teaches classes all over the U.S., makes awesome self-help videos, is a Mom of 5 little kiddos, flies all over the U.S. to be on television spots (um..yeah, that’s her with Rachel Ray–airs May 15 so set your DVR), cooks, cleans, blogs and is always gorgeous and put together.


Now, despite this seemingly perfect Jordan, she is also real about life. She’s real about the hardships of being a mother, balancing life, financial difficulties, and running her own business. I think that is what is so mesmerizing about Jordan. She is one of those people who have an ability to make you love her through her perfect-ness and yet real enough to make you feel like you’re normal and doing okay.

Jordan is one of a kind and I’m so excited to share with you more of what she has to offer. You name it–she has a video or post about it. Anything from finances, to family, fashion, etc.–she blogs about it all. If you have yet to follow Jordan, you need to! She will brighten your day with her smile, and help you reach all of the goals and dreams you have for your family. 


Jordan is also a huge fan of Deals to Meals. Really, Deals to Meals wouldn’t still be around without Jordan. She has been an answer to our prayers and has really helped our service be what it is today. Jordan…you are heaven sent! Here are some of my favorite videos from Jordan that might help you with your grocery shopping and price matching questions we’ve all had lately. Beware..once you start watching her videos, you’ll be hooked for hours! She is so entertaining, they are a blast to watch. Take it away Jordan…

Price Matching Scoop Video

How Jordan Grocery Shops without Using Coupons

How Jordan Grocery Shops Plus Meal Planning Tips

Grocery Shopping Q&A