Happy Mother’s Day! I hope all of you amazing women out there get a little break from the day to day and are pampered by someone who loves you. I’m grateful for this day that we get to take a special moment and thank the women in our life who have nurtured us and mothered us throughout our lives. I have been blessed to be surrounded by strong, confident, God fearing, beautiful women. They are some of my greatest blessings and help support me and love me–even when I don’t deserve it.

I’m also so eternally grateful to my own mother. She is a saint among women. She has the purest, most Christ-like heart of anyone I know. She is constantly looking for ways to serve and lighten the load of others.

She is tirelessly looking for ways to serve her children, her community, and especially her grandchildren. She is seriously the most amazing Grandma there ever could be. So grateful too for my own grandmothers as well. My Grandma Lucy will always be a shining example to me of what a mother should be. 

For those of you with wonderful mother figures in your life, lets reach out to those who don’t. This week I have been reminded over and over how many single, struggling mothers there are around us. Look for those single women in your lives who don’t have a strong support system and try to do something to lighten their load. Motherhood is the hardest job and we all need each other. I know I couldn’t be the Mom I am today without the women in my life who have supported me and been my greatest example. To all of you Mothers, we love you and think you are amazing!! May God be with you today and know that the work you are doing is ‘close to divinity’. Love ya!