Typing this post has been several months in the making. I am still in denial that my family is moving. After 14 amazing, blissful, wonderful years in this home, it is time for a new adventure. I am not one who loves change. In fact, I HATE change! I planned to live in this home until someone sent me kicking and screaming to a rest home. For years my husband and I have wanted to move and buy some land to have animals (yep…chickens, a pig, cows, dogs, etc.). It never felt right until we had an opportunity to buy some land not far from our home. After MUCH fasting and prayer, we feel it is the right step for our family.

So…the Madsen clan will soon be mini farmers in the mountains of Herriman. How crazy is that?!? We signed on our land this week and will soon be building a home (much like this one because I LOVE everything about it!) and will be starting a new adventure. We built both of our last two homes, so my husband is excited to be the general contractor again. It will take well over a year, so we’re excited to stay close by and keep our life as normal as possible for awhile 😉 

To all of our friends and dear neighbors, please know we love you! Our friendships are eternal and we wouldn’t be leaving if we didn’t know it was the right thing for our family. Our love for you will not change just because our address will. I’m so grateful for the spirit and revelation that allows us to know what is best for our family. I think we’ll not know why it was time to move for many years to come. We are just having faith it is the Lord’s plan and going from there. As hard as that is (yep, I’ve cried lots already!).

Now, let’s talk about this home that I love with all of my heart. If you, or anyone you know, is looking for the most beautiful home in Herriman—you need to check out our


I have every inch of our home on this blog to help interested buyers have a detailed look at our home. If you are interested in our home, please call my husband at 801-979-0052. YES, we are selling our home ourselves. Although we have many friends and family who would be amazing realtors, we are giving it a go ourselves (if you are a realtor…please don’t call us!). 

The best part about our home is all of the upgrades. In the past couple months we have literally replaced nearly every inch of the 4145 square feet of flooring, repainted the entire house (top and bottom), replaced light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, ceiling fans and MUCH more! There is brand new carpet throughout the house as of 2 weeks ago. Our home smells brand new and looks like it’s been completely redone. 

My husband is OBSESSED with upgrades. Our home is a smart home from top to bottom. Everything is programmed through a phone, it’s all digital and state of the art. Every closet, storage and room in our home was designed and planned by my husband. Todd is amazing at detail and has not left one stone unturned. You will be amazed at the thought and details that are in our home that you wouldn’t even think about! Check out the blog for all of the specs. 

For anyone that’s read this blog for awhile, knows I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to cook! My kitchen is the heart of our home. I love everything about my kitchen. In fact, I love it so much, our new home will have nearly the exact same layout. It’s spacious, easy to entertain in, perfect food prepping bar and so much storage you won’t know what to do with it! After 14 years I still have empty shelves in my kitchen.

Besides the kitchen, our other favorite room in the house (besides the game room downstairs) is the HUGE theater room. You’ve probably seen the pictures of our many, many parties in this room. We have had over 50 people in this room before! It is the most amazing room for entertaining or watching movies. The projector and framed screen will be sold with the home. You will never have to go to the movies again!! 

Really, I could go on and on about our home but I’ll save that for those who want to take a look at the blog. If you are looking for a home in a safe, quiet cul-de-sac, in a beautiful neighborhood in Herriman Utah, this is the home for you! Text us (801-979-0052) if you have any questions. We are excited to see who God has planned to continue to live in our home. We know it will be a special family that we can’t wait to meet! 

Love you Silver Rose Circle!!