I’m excited to share this recipe with you from our Deals to Meals Meal planner this week. Login to our website to get this recipe and check out all of the local grocery deals in your area. Our meal planner this week highlights some of  my favorite, simple summer recipes–so check it out!

Not only is this dish a light, simple meal for summer, but it’s also pretty healthy too. I love the marinade that works for the chicken as well as goes on the noodles. It makes for easier prep and allows for dinner to get on the table in a hurry. I usually make up the marinade in the morning, save half of it for the noodles and put the other half to infuse into the chicken throughout the day. When you’re ready for dinner, just grill the chicken, slice some vegetables and cook the noodles. It’s a delicious summer meal that is perfect for a busy night, or great for a family gathering. Hope you are having a wonderful summer and enjoying some special time with family and friends.