Summer wouldn’t be complete without our family reunion in Bear Lake Utah. We have been going here since I was a young girl and it is one of my very happiest places on earth. The water is so blue, clear, sandy beaches, great places to eat, I get to spend several days with my amazing Grandma and family, and we do nothing other than relax and play. It is summer heaven! Yep, that’s my 90 year old grandma building a sand castle. How cool is she?!
This year was extra wonderful because we got to take a break from packing our home and getting ready to move. (Yep, moving is the pits ;/)  It was so nice to relax and not think about moving for a minute. We are home now, and reality is hitting, which makes me want to ball my eyes out. For a few days though, Bear Lake was a much needed summer retreat. 

I couldn’t let the summer go by without sharing our ALL TIME FAVORITE SUMMER GADGET! Many years ago my husband bought a portable projector and we have had SO much fun with it! We take this camping, have outdoor movie nights, use for our annual neighborhood BBQ and much more. It really is such a fun gadget to have for your summer activities. There are many types of projectors, but we have found the Brookstone Prjoector is our absolute favorite. If you want to give a gift that your friends or family will LOVE for years to come, this is the gift for you! 

Besides relaxing, swimming and playing on the wave runner, we are all about games and fun! One afternoon I was on ‘keep the kids occupied duty’ while the others parent could nap. After an hour, I was out of ideas and decided to see if we could play ‘Don’t Eat Pete’ in real life. It ended up being a huge hit, so I wanted to share it with you.

Here’s how we played: We lined up the kids in three rows of three (9 total..but you could play with more or less). We had one child leave the area while we decided who was ‘Pete’. We then gave each of the kids a Skittle (or any small candy would do) and then we had the child come back to the game. They then asked each child (one at a time) if they were Pete. If the child wasn’t the designated ‘Pete’, then they got to give their candy to the child guessing. They continued until they chose ‘Pete’. When they chose Pete, the kids all yelled, “Don’t Eat Pete!” and that child got to eat their candy they were holding. We played this for well over an hour and had a great time. All you need is kids and some cheap, small candy and you have a game that will keep kids happy for a long while. 
Grateful to Todd and my Mom who never let us miss an opportunity to learn something. They took us on a tour of an old tabernacle building in Paris, Idaho. It was built in 1888 and ended up being really quite incredible. Amazing what the early pioneers created so many years ago. Despite the whining from a few kids who didn’t want to go on a tour, it was a nice break from the water. 

Look at all these boys! We have 13 boy cousins in our clan, and it is a RIOT when we all get together. We really hardly see our boys. They live in happy-boy-creative-cousin land and it is the BEST! It allows us sisters for lots of chatting time, which we all love!I hope you are having a wonderful summer too! I am sorry for my lack of blogging lately. Give me a week and we will be settled in our rental apartment and I will be back to blogging on a regular basis. I am ready for life to be ‘normal’ again and to spend some more time in the kitchen. I miss cooking and will be excited to share some new recipes with you!