Finally did some grocery shopping this past weekend to fill up our new fridge in our apartment (yep, I’m ashamed to say we’ve eaten pizza for three nights in a row). It was time I jump into being a real mom again and get settled in our cute, new life 🙂 I made a quick trip to Smiths after checking out the deals from our website. I was surprised at how many awesome deals they have this week! Above are just a few of them. I spent $116 (which a lot of that was paper goods I needed for a bbq–not on sale) and saved $81.73!! If you take out the non-grocery items, I saved well over 50% off my groceries.

Login to Deals to Meals to check out the best Kroger deals in your area! Saving money on groceries doesn’t need to take long, or be difficult. Just knowing which items to buy and which items NOT to buy, will help save you $100’s each month! Happy shopping.